California Upland Game Bird Advisory Committee

Every year California hunters pay their $9.46 on top of their annual license fee to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to hunt upland game birds throughout the state.  So where does this money go?  Who says where it is spent?  Here’s a little background: From CDFW – “The Upland Game Bird Account is … Continued

California Legislature Outdoor Sporting Caucus

Did you know that in California, we have have a bipartisan congregation of state lawmakers that are formed specifically to try and promote California’s shooting and hunting rights as well as the states wildlife and fisheries?  Well we do!  It’s called the California Legislature Outdoor Sporting Caucus, and each year they hold a shoot at … Continued

NWTF Dollars At Work: Hollenbeck Canyon Wildlife Area

In 2001 the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Acquired a 6,100 acre parcel in the Jamul Valley that is now known as the Hollenbeck Canyon Wildlife Area.  This property is nestled in between Otay Mountain and the Jamul Mountains in San Diego County, and has become popular for upland game bird hunters. Recently, … Continued

NWTF Dollars at Work: San Diego County Guzzler

In regions that average little annual precipitation, upland game bird reproduction and recruitment are undeniably linked to the amount and timing of seasonal precipitation.  This is not only important for the production of food and hiding cover, but is also important for filling up water sources at key times.  With California just overcoming the worst … Continued

NWTF Dollars at Work: The Cleveland-Icehouse Forest Health Project

In a previous blog post we emphasized the vital importance of why the time to act on our federal public lands is now.  We also highlighted what the NWTF is planning to do to help maintain this landscape as quality habitat for wildlife, hunters, and the overall public.  So, let us breakdown Phase I in … Continued

2017 Hunter Conservation Camps

For the fourth year in a row, NWTF has partnered with California Waterfowl Association to bring over 150 kids through CWA’s 5 Day Hunter Conservation Camps.  If you’re looking for an active and comprehensive approach for your child to go through their hunter education than look no further than the Level 1 camps.  If your … Continued

A Hunter’s Heritage – Hadza Zebra Hunting: Conservation or Contingency? Part II

In my last column I left you wondering what was going on with the zebra data from Hadza kill sites. Were they employing strategies to conserve game populations? The dry season data would appear to confirm this: Hadza were taking mostly older adult males. But data from kills at other times of the year was … Continued

A Hunter’s Heritage – Hadza Zebra Hunting: Conservation or Contingency?

In my last column, I briefly introduced you to the idea that, contrary to popular belief, aboriginal hunting is not inherently an effort in true conservation. However, there are many factors to consider when evaluating hunting as a conservation tool, aboriginal efforts or otherwise. I said I would offer an example….so let’s go back to … Continued