NWTF Dollars At Work: Hollenbeck Canyon Wildlife Area

In 2001 the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Acquired a 6,100 acre parcel in the Jamul Valley that is now known as the Hollenbeck Canyon Wildlife Area.  This property is nestled in between Otay Mountain and the Jamul Mountains in San Diego County, and has become popular for upland game bird hunters. Recently, … Continued

NWTF Dollars at Work: San Diego County Guzzler

In regions that average little annual precipitation, upland game bird reproduction and recruitment are undeniably linked to the amount and timing of seasonal precipitation.  This is not only important for the production of food and hiding cover, but is also important for filling up water sources at key times.  With California just overcoming the worst … Continued

NWTF Dollars at Work: The Cleveland-Icehouse Forest Health Project

In a previous blog post we emphasized the vital importance of why the time to act on our federal public lands is now.  We also highlighted what the NWTF is planning to do to help maintain this landscape as quality habitat for wildlife, hunters, and the overall public.  So, let us breakdown Phase I in … Continued

Conservation Efforts Paying off at Cañada de Los Osos Ecological Reserve

With the good precipitation we had this spring and the on-going restoration efforts at Cañada de Los Osos, wild turkey numbers on the reserve appear to be doing very well! NWTF staff and volunteers met with the Friends of Cañada de Los Osos this past week to see the progress of the planted native grass … Continued

Dying Sierra, How NWTF is Helping to Save Our California Forests

On 11/18/16, the U.S. Forest Service released a statement that they estimated a total of 102 million dead trees in the state of California since 2010.  That’s 62 million tree deaths in 2016 alone!  This phenomenon is being described by some as one of the most catastrophic events of our lifetimes here in California.  Our forests … Continued

Threats to Wild Turkey Habitat

Want to learn about some of the biggest threats to wild turkey and upland game bird habitat in California and Nevada?  Well check out this article that describes a few of the invasive species that affect our birds right here at home!   www.nwtf.org/conservation/article/invasive-species-western-wildlands  

NWTF Dollars at Work: Upper Butte Basin

Mitch Oliver, VP of the California State Chapter, recording the weight of a recently captured wild turkey on the Howard Sough Unit

How it started In 2014, Upper Butte Basin Wildlife Area (UBBWA) Manager Tim Hermansen, and Environmental Scientist Laura Cockrell came to NWTF with the hope of a partnership that could create a spring turkey hunt at UBBWA.  Jumping in head first, NWTF applied for a grant from the Upland Game Bird Stamp account and was … Continued

NWTF Dollars At Work: Cañada de Los Osos Guzzler Project Phase I


How it started Cañada de Los Osos Ecological Reserve (CDLOER) is a 5,800 acre property owned by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). Located in the foothills near Gilroy, it is co-managed with the Friends of Cañada de Los Osos. This property offers fantastic opportunity for apprentice hunting, licensed hunters ages 17 and under. California has been … Continued