2017 Hunter Conservation Camps

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shotgun patterning
Camp attendees proudly displaying their patterning targets.

For the fourth year in a row, NWTF has partnered with California Waterfowl Association to bring over 150 kids through CWA’s 5 Day Hunter Conservation Camps.  If you’re looking for an active and comprehensive approach for your child to go through their hunter education than look no further than the Level 1 camps.  If your son or daughter has already completed their hunter education, than the Level 2 camps will help advance them to that next level.  Not to mention – these camps are loads of fun!

turkey 101
Teaching the kids Wild Turkey 101.
stalking skills
Practicing their stalking skills.

Kids get hands-on experience with firearm safety, clay targets, shotgun patterning, duck banding, turkey biology, fishing, and all kinds of other outdoor activities while in the company of their peers.  We are proud to sponsor 1 day of each camp as NWTF day, where kids learn everything they need to know about wild turkeys, and wild turkey conservation – including hammering on a box call and seeing how different shotgun chokes make different patterns.

seated shooting
Learning the ins and outs of shooting from a seated position.

There are two more camps left this season, but both are already sold out.  If you’re interested in signing up your child for next year, contact George Oberstadt ([email protected]), and get on the list.  Your kids outdoor experience depends on it!

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