2019 Mariposa Late Season Youth Turkey Hunt Draw Opportunity

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In association with Mark Grupe Outdoors, the NWTF has obtained access for a late season youth turkey hunt. The hunt will be held on a pristine ranch in Mariposa, CA. This year the turkey populations on the Grupe Ranch are even higher than last season! The birds have had little to no hunting pressure. This is an excellent opportunity!

The hunt will be guided by Keith Swope of the NWTF High Sierra Yelpers. Meals and lodging will be provided for one parent and the youth hunter.

Jake with his Mariposa tom

The date of the hunt is May 4, 2019. Participants will be expected to arrive at the ranch by 3 PM on Friday, May 3. Orientation, dinner and roosting of the birds will be held on the ranch that night.

The drawing will be held on April 19th. Cut off time for registration is 1:59PM, April 19th.


This hunt is limited to youths holding a JUNIOR California hunting license and NWTF membership. Hunter and parent/guardian must be NWTF members. A parent or legal guardian must be present for the entirety of the event. A signed waiver of release of liability from the parent/guardian will be required before the event. NWTF will provide waiver forms to the draw winner.

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