AB 3199 – Prohibition of the Use of Firearms for Fundraising is Being Dropped

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Assembly Bill 3199, authored by Assemblymember Chris Holden (Pasadena, CA), will not make it to the Assembly Floor.  Several members of the California Hunting and Conservation Coalition, of which the NWTF is a member of, met with Assemblymember Holden’s staff to lament the negative impacts that this bill would have for charitable organizations in California.  It was explained that all firearms “won” or “purchased” at a charitable event in California still have to go through the same regulatory process as they would at any retailer, and that this bill would have more of a negative impact on conservation funding in California than anything else.

fundraising with firearms
Firearms being raffled off at an NWTF fundraising event.

Assemblymember Holden, understanding the potential impacts to conservation-based organizations that spend millions of dollars annually on California’s natural resources, has agreed to no longer pursue the passage of AB 3199.  The NWTF would like to thank the cooperation and cohesion of the California Hunting and Conservation Coalition for unifying on this bill and aiding our lawmakers to understand this bills potential negative impact.  We’d also like to thank our members for engaging with their local Assemblymembers and urging them to oppose AB 3199.  Your voices have an impact.

Be sure to check back in with us as we navigate this legislative session.

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