NWTF California State Board
Photo of Mitch Oliver
Mitch Oliver
President Wilton, CA
Photo of John Niesen
John Niesen
Vice President Live Oak, CA
Photo of Dawnita Harwood
Dawnita Harwood
Treasurer Gridley, CA
Photo of TJ Downes
TJ Downes
Secretary Placerville, CA
Photo of Bob Carroll
Bob Carroll
Redding, CA
No Image Available
Vikki Conner
Ramona, CA
Photo of Shane Crosby
Shane Crosby
Redding, CA
No Image Available
Cindy Gomez
Bakersfield, CA
Photo of Ted Lidie
Ted Lidie
Redding, CA
Photo of Dr. Christopher O’Brien
Dr. Christopher O’Brien
Susanville, CA
Photo of Joe Pecsi
Joe Pecsi
Bishop, CA
Photo of Brent Sarver
Brent Sarver
El Dorado, CA