California Legislature Outdoor Sporting Caucus

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Did you know that in California, we have have a bipartisan congregation of state lawmakers that are formed specifically to try and promote California’s shooting and hunting rights as well as the states wildlife and fisheries?  Well we do!  It’s called the California Legislature Outdoor Sporting Caucus, and each year they hold a shoot at the Cordova Shooting Center in Rancho Cordova.  All California State Senators, Assembly Members, and their staff are invited to the shoot to partake in the safe, responsible, and fun activity of shooting firearms.  For those of you unfamiliar with our Outdoor Sporting Caucus, here’s a little background:

Specifically, the purpose of the Outdoor Sporting Caucus is:

  • To preserve and promote the traditional rights of California citizens to hunt, fish, and pursue outdoor, wildlife related activities.
  • To ensure that California sportsmen and women have reasonable access to public lands to enjoy outdoor pursuits.
  • To protect the investment of sportsmen and women in wildlife and fisheries management by safeguarding the integrity of user-fee trust funds and license revenue.
  • To support efforts to enhance multiple-use habitat management for wildlife and fisheries.
  • To recognize the importance of hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities to our state’s economy, and habitat conservation funding streams, and to support the maintenance and growth of outdoor-related industries and activities.
  • To address threats to California wildlife and their habitat.
caucus sponsors
Sponsors of the California Legislature Outdoor Sporting Caucus Shoot.

The California State Chapter of the NWTF is a proud sponsor of the Caucus, and we see an incredible value in making these key lawmakers familiar and comfortable with firearms.

state lawmakers
From left to right: Assembly Member Travis Allen, Assembly Member Devon Mathis, Assembly Member Frank Bigelow, Senator Tom Berryhill, Assembly Member Steven Choi, Assembly member Jim Frazier, Senator Bill Dodd, Assembly Member Evan Low, Assembly Member Matthew Harper, Senator Joel Anderson, Assembly Member Donte Acosta, Assembly Member Marc Steinorth.

For the shoot: Each attendee is given a safety briefing by a team of California Department of Fish and Wildlife Wardens on the 10 commandments of firearm safety.  Then they are instructed on proper stance, control, and lead when firing at a moving clay target.  Once they feel comfortable with their instruction – it’s time to line up on a “live” target and feel that recoil!  Throughout the evening, cheers would be heard periodically along the firing line when a person breaks their first clay target.  A great experience for the key people in our state that need learn that firearms are not the issue at hand.

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