NWTF Dollars at Work: The Cleveland-Icehouse Project

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The Cleveland-Icehouse project is a 700 acre forest thinning project located near Ice House Rd within the Eldorado National Forest.  This project got jump-started with a check for $10,000 by the California State Chapter of the NWTF in 2017, and now currently sits at a budget of over $1,000,000 with state and federal leveraged dollars.

Of the 700 acres under contract, 568  acres have been implemented thus far, and the project is scheduled to be complete by the Fall of 2018.  Units that were finished last fall have been transformed into some amazing looking upland game bird habitat this spring, with a much greater yield of annual grasses and forbs than prior to treatment.  These will serve as crucial forage for wild turkeys, mountain quail, and even for the Pacific Deer Herd, which uses this area as a critical transition zone during its winter and spring migration.

We will continue to keep you updated as more funding is garnered and additional units are identified.



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