NWTF Dollars at Work: Sul Norte Phase II

From its dam at Lake Shasta, all the way down to its confluence into the California Delta near the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area, the Sacramento River contains a mostly channelized river system that was diked many decades ago to provide […]

NWTF Dollars at Work: Trestle Forest Health Project

In May of 2018, the National Wild Turkey Federation was awarded a a grant from the Sierra Nevada Conservancy in the amount of $487,000 for the Trestle Forest Health Project.  The goal of the project being to thin 270 acres […]

NWTF Dollars at Work: The Cleveland-Icehouse Project

The Cleveland-Icehouse project is a 700 acre forest thinning project located near Ice House Rd within the Eldorado National Forest.  This project got jump-started with a check for $10,000 by the California State Chapter of the NWTF in 2017, and […]

NWTF Dollars at Work: Knoxville Water for Wildlife

California has recently been experiencing the most impactful drought on record. The effects of climate change are becoming increasingly known.  With rising global temperatures and severe unpredictable weather patterns, effects on wildlife habitat and suitability are constantly in question.  Knoxville […]

NWTF Dollars at Work: Knoxville Wildlife Area

Knoxville Wildlife Area is a very popular location for hunters targeting upland game birds, black-tailed deer and wild pig. It even offers limited waterfowl hunting opportunity. Knoxville consists of 21,000 acres dominated by oak woodlands with expanse stands of chaparral. […]

NWTF and SNC Partner for $488,000 in the Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada’s are a very important landscape for Californian’s.  Over 60% of the state’s water originates in the Sierra Nevada, which supplies 25 million people, 3 million acres of agricultural land, and the Sierra Nevada forests are responsible for […]

NWTF Dollars At Work: Hollenbeck Canyon Wildlife Area

In 2001 the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Acquired a 6,100 acre parcel in the Jamul Valley that is now known as the Hollenbeck Canyon Wildlife Area.  This property is nestled in between Otay Mountain and the Jamul […]

NWTF Dollars at Work: San Diego County Guzzler

In regions that average little annual precipitation, upland game bird reproduction and recruitment are undeniably linked to the amount and timing of seasonal precipitation.  This is not only important for the production of food and hiding cover, but is also […]