Legislative Action

Contact These Assembly Members and Urge Opposition to AB 3199!

  ACTION ALERT: Contact These Assembly Members Now! Dear NWTF Member, The NWTF needs your immediate help to Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. in California! Please contact each below listed member of the Assembly Committee on Governmental Organization and […]

A Hunters Heritage: When Gun Control Bills Aren’t About Gun Control

Is this our future? Wildlife conservation and habitat restoration efforts have all but died in California. State and federal public lands, already underfunded, are struggling to fund even the most minimal ecological projects that benefit wildlife, both game and non-game. […]

California Upland Game Bird Advisory Committee

Every year California hunters pay their $9.46 on top of their annual license fee to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to hunt upland game birds throughout the state.  So where does this money go?  Who says where it […]

California Legislature Outdoor Sporting Caucus

Did you know that in California, we have have a bipartisan congregation of state lawmakers that are formed specifically to try and promote California’s shooting and hunting rights as well as the states wildlife and fisheries?  Well we do!  It’s […]

UPDATE – California DFW Upland Game Bird Applications

Chapter Guide

In our August update of the California Fish and Game Commission Meeting, NWTF gave testimony to the commission asking them to reconsider the proposed $5 application fee for upland game bird hunts.  This testimony was echoed by California Waterfowl Association, […]

California Turkey Hunting Changes! New 2016 Regulations Adopted

Updated for Spring 2017   Spring 2017 Season From CDFW: “California’s 2017 general spring wild turkey season opens statewide on March 25 and extends through April 30. The archery-only season will follow immediately afterward, running from May 1-14. Hunters who […]

8/25/16 California Fish and Game Commission Meeting

CA/NV Regional Biologist, Kevin Vella, giving testimony at the 8/25/16 Fish and Game Commission Meeting The NWTF attended the California Fish and Game Commission meeting yesterday in Folsom, CA. The NWTF gave public comment on three different topics. The meeting, in […]

NWTF-California Fights for Your Hunting Rights at the State Capitol

NWTF-California bounced back and forth between the Assembly and Senate Public Safety Committee Hearings on Tuesday. NWTF voiced opposition to SB 880, SB 894, SB 1235, as well as AB 1664, AB 1674, and AB 1695. These bills have negative implications […]