UPDATE – California DFW Upland Game Bird Applications

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In our August update of the California Fish and Game Commission Meeting, NWTF gave testimony to the commission asking them to reconsider the proposed $5 application fee for upland game bird hunts.  This testimony was echoed by California Waterfowl Association, as well as by the Yuba County Fish and Game Commission, that $5 per application was too high of a price.  Here was CDFW’s response:

“In response to public comments and FGC request at the Aug 25 meeting, DFW reevaluated the proposed application fee. DFW 1) determined that staff costs are appropriately covered by Upland Game Stamp funds and should not be apportioned to the drawing fee; 2) reduced the number of projected drawing applications from 10,000 to 6,200 based on the number of current drawing applications; and 3) minor revisions were made to apply the correct hourly and overhead rates (Exhibit 2) . The proposed application fee for the drawing has therefore been reduced from $5.00 to $2.25.”

During the Fish and Game Commission Meeting this past October, the Commission adopted these changes by unanimous vote.  So, for your spring turkey draws, be on the lookout for the new application process in the ALDS (Automated License Data System).  We will help spread the word once the hunt opportunities get posted.

Moral of the story?  Your voice makes a difference!  And we are proud to make it heard.

You can see the full summary of the adoptions here: www.fgc.ca.gov/meetings/2016/Oct/exhibits/SS_1020_Item_24_UplandDraw.pdf

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